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  Job Opportunities at Elsoft
We offer a competitive benefits package to help you achieve your goals. And, just as important, we’ll help you find ways to balance the demands of work with your personal life.

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Compensation and Benefits

Elsoft believes employees are the most important investment for success, and Elsoft’s comprehensive compensation and benefits package for each of its employee reflects that. The program's purpose is to attract, retain and reward the people responsible for the company's long-term growth and profitability. It's designed to provide Elsoft employees with the stability of long-term financial security and protection.

Hiring the best and brightest people is what makes Elsoft a successful building block supplier to the test solutions industry. At Elsoft, we believe in sharing that success with employees who have helped us earn it.

Performance Bonus Program

Elsoft’s bonus programs to reward you for your contributions to the company's success. The performance bonus programs (PBP) is a profit-sharing program tied directly to Elsoft's financial performance. This program rewards employees through a cash payout at the end of the financial year.

Stock Option Program

At Elsoft, our employees own a stake in the company. Through Elsoft’s Stock Option Plan, full-time employees may be eligible to receive options based on their past performance and anticipated future contributions.


In addition to these compensation programs, Elsoft offers a variety of important benefit programs to protect the well-being of you. Beginning your first day of employment, Elsoft offers comprehensive medical, disability and group life insurance coverage for you.
Training and Development  
An agile and changing business can only succeed if its workforce is equally dynamic, flexible and knowledgeable. It calls for employees who are open to continuous learning – a workforce that is given every opportunity to learn, grow and develop skills to drive the company toward achieving its business goals.

A key aspect of Elsoft’s employee development philosophy is our commitment to the support of life-long learning. As we strive to become a leading test solution provider, we stress focus on enhancing learning opportunities for all our employees.

Learning at Elsoft is flexible, fast and rewarding. Elsoft encourages employee planning and building of individual development paths which are discussed and agreed upon their respective managers.

On the Job Mentoring

Managers and peers, including senior staff, mentor employees with an interest in learning new skills in a less formal way. Mentors draw from personal experience and their own education to support on-the-job learning for colleagues.




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